Visual Artists Development Program

Our Focus Is On Ability

ArtISability is currently a partnership supported by the Ipswich City Council through the Regional  Arts Development Fund and Arts Queensland. Access Arts (Inc.) Queensland, Arts Access Australia and A.L.A.R.A. Queensland

Currently the ArtISability Program is based in Ipswich South East Queensland Australia. However, we welcome expression of interest from artists with disabilities; art teachers, disability support organisations; and community groups in South East Queensland who are interested in partnering together to bring ArtISability to your city.

The program is designed to assist the professional development skills of visual artists living with disability or mental illness. We desire to bring a program that is driven by the needs of the artists who attend our program. 

Currently our program is comprised of two processes. (1) Providing artistic skills development and skills need to conduct ourselves as professionals. and (2) supporting people to become involved in mainstream arts community in their region. To achieve this participants are asked to nominate their goals.  

We seek to provide maximum choice in the types of artistic skills development.  This is indeed challenging to do while fitting within different funding requirements. One of the things our Disability Action Plan highlights is the traditional lack of choice people with disabilities have in general.  We are aware presenting programs that are timetabled orientated limits choice.  Which is why community consultation prior to funding submissions is essential.

We are learning many things as we work through our Pilot Program, we see some changes clearly need to be made, but we also seen somethings work unexpectedly well.       

Stage One . . . 

Acquiring Skills

Access to professional training and mentor-ship is one particular struggle for artist with a disability or mentor illness. Traditional classes can present a multi-layered barrier, this could include physical access, communication difficulties, access to transport, lack of learning and behavioural support in traditional community settings. 

The desire of ArtISability is to provide links and transition to the mainstream arts community.  Where an artist is able to participate in a mainstream activity without support they are encouraged to do so.  Where they need learn support or their are access barriers in the community ArtISability seeks to support artists to develop their skills.

During our pilot program we were able to offer workshops in sculpture, modern art and traditional oil painting.  Every program we offer will be different depending on what people tell us they need.

Community Linking . . .

Artist with disability want the same as any other person in the industry "Acceptance" and to gain an audience.

ArtISability has begun in Ipswich, a Heritage City proud of its cultural roots.  Alive to the colour and excitement of the arts and embraces difference. We seek to enable our artist to find their place.  Rather than finding a place for them.  It you think you or a group you belong to has something to offer our artists, let us know! 

Their already put their hand up for ability now they want to join you . . . 

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  1. beautiful, work of art from the heart...I salute Deb Chilton for proving anyone with physical and intellectual challenges can rise above. you are such an inspiration. pls contact me as we can do something together towards our common objectives. God bless us all.