Saturday, November 29, 2014

Who is eligible to undertake a ArtISability Program

Nick Darby Indigenous Visual Artist

ArtISability is a Professional Program for visual artists living with disability including mental illness.

We are here to assist with the many access issues these artists experience as a result of disability.

We operated under a social model of disability and no diagnoses is required.

We consider an inability to read & write to be a disability under this social model.

 As we operate on funding provided by grant submissions, eligibility may vary from program to program. 

However the general criteria is:-

18 plus
Living with disability or mental illness
Be an emerging artist
A desire to establish a visual arts practice or work in the visual arts industry
experience access issues as a result of disability. 

Our program is not for novices 
on completion of our introductory program
artists are expected to take part in a three month community linking program to assist with the establishment of their individual arts practice, 

Who is an emerging artist?

Someone who has a sound knowledge of basic artistic principles who has either previous studied art; has an existing portfolio or is recognized by their industry peers.

I say to people if in doubt apply anyway. 

We do have a application process and work off individual professional development plans. So if you are interested in our February program we recommend you email us to register.

We are still waiting on our grant submission for the February program.

For enquirers phone 

Debbie on (07) 3281 3218

Friday, November 14, 2014

Disability Awareness Training

One in five Australians have a disability.
Over 90% of disabilities are invisible.
Disability can be defined as a impairment in normal functioning. This impairment may be physical, intellectual, developmental, behavioural, cognitive, sensory, neurological, physiological, or any combination of these.

Nine in ten Australians over the age of 90 will have some type of disability. 

The likelihood of disability increases with age. Thus disability will affect all of us at some stage of our lives. Whether it is personally or a family member. The issue of disability is not going to go away. People with disabilities are not going to be segregated into gated communities.

The introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is designed to increase the community participation of careers, families and individuals living with disabilities.

The arrival of the NDIS in Queensland will see more Queenslanders with disability in mainstream schools, higher education, employment, sport and recreation and
 community life.

The key goal of ArtISability is to link our artists to their local arts community to achieve their individual artistic goals. 

In September most of our artists were involved in a collective art exhibition at the art gallery - at Ipswich Arttime supplies. 

Not all artist with disabilities are impaired by their disability when it comes to their ability to 
produce art.

The above work is by Judith Baker, an Ipswich artists who happens to have a physical disability.

Judith is an ArtISability tutor and mentor.

When asked how her particular disability has affected her career as an artists she didn't think it had any impact at all.

"Once my artwork is hang on an art gallery wall my disability becomes invisible . . ."

A dream we want all our artist to be able to achieve at some point in the future.

In 2015 all our staff must undertake disability awareness training to be involved in our programs. We also recommend the training to artists and teachers who think they may want to work with artists with disabilities in the future. 

We are offering free Disability training to the Ipswich Community on 
28th November 2014
9:30 am at the Barry Jones Autorium,
40 South Street, Ipswich

Phone: 3281 3218 for more information


Monday, November 3, 2014

People like us

What do the lives of people living with disabilities look like?
How do they fill their days?
Who are the people in their lives?
Where do they live?
Do they all live in care?
Do all their lives look the same?
What can and can't they do?
What is there role in the community?
Should we just smile and accept their art for what it is?

People like us!
People like ALL of us!
Look at your lives 
and see our lives reflected 
in your own lives.

People like us,
are people like you!

We are sons and daughters,
brothers and sisters,
fathers and mothers,
uncles and aunts,
and grandparents too!
We are people like you!

We're the songwriters and poets,
actors and dancers, the creators of art. 
The storytellers and play writers.
We attend schools, TAFE and universities, 
we're the creators of books and imaginary worlds,
we write and create on key boards. 
We are people like you.

We are decision makers,
voters, law makers and lawyers,
We are chiefs, accountants and
IT specialists.
We are teachers and coaches,
We are employees and employers,
We are consumers and tax payers,
We are people like you!

We are sports men and women,
and the lovers of sport,
the footy, the cricket and tennis too.
We spectators at the races,
Whether two or four legged,
We like a bet on the tab,
a drink with our mates and
a game of darts after work. 
We are people like you!

Come and learn more about 
the lives of people living with 
disabilities and the potential
these people have to enrich the 
lives of our community.  

9:30 am  
Barry Jones Auditorium 
South Street IPSWICH