(Due to our dependence on funding
to run our ArtISability Program
our eligibility criteria will change 
from program to program)

Our 2014 Pilot Program is
an Ipswich City Community Program

Support through the

Regional Arts Develop Fund

In partnership with 

The Ipswich City Council
Arts Queensland
ALARA Queensland
Access Arts
Arts Access Australia
and member of the Ipswich community.  

The o be eligibility for our pilot program was :- 

  • Over the age of 18
  • Reside in the Ipswich City Region 
  • Be a practicing visual artist 
  • Be living with disability or mental illness
  • Need support to undertake skills development, study or art practice.
  • Have a clear understanding of your artistic goals.  

If we were to apply for a community partnership RADF Grand with another council such as the Scenic Rim Council then the criteria would change to meet the funding agreement with that council. What won't change is all the artists coming into the program must be experiencing disability, chronic health issues or mental illness.

Please Note:-

Our program is designed for emerging
artists seeking to develop a professional
career. During the program each artists
will be supported to work towards their
own individual goals such as a production of
a new art work; a collaborative or individual art exhibition. It is recommended that artists entering the program would be eligible to apply for a Regional Arts Development Fund Grant  
to produce a new visual artwork 
at the completion of the program. 


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