Friday, July 1, 2016

Changing Tides and the NDIS

From July 1, the way we think about supporting people with disabilities and their families change. The National Disability Insurance Scheme is about providing opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in the life of the community. Support or care moves away from a medical model which focuses on the impairments, to a system that supports them to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

People will now have a say in how they are supported and the activities they chose to participate in.  The NDIS is geared towards employment (paid or unpaid) and learning and training.

While respite will continue the way it is funded will look very different.  The way to address aging carers issues is to assist people to be more independent and independently living options as a long term goal. The NDIS will be looking at the most cost effective means to support people to achieve their goals.

Many artists I have worked with over the last three years have a goal to establish their own art practise and sell their work.  Sadly in Ipswich we have thus far fail to promote these artists as 'artists' the drive towards therapy art is strong.

ArtISability has always had a vision to build a social inclusive community through engaging in community classes, workshops and retreats. This is the main reason I am relucent to hire our own space.

Thus we as an arts based program, primarily funded by arts funding is viewed as a disability support provider or a stem of ALARA Queensland.  The fact we are artists in our own right evades all.

The NDIS presents new opportunities and new way of doing things. I get that this is scary . . . But the unknown provokes fear.  If we don't try we have failed before we begin. July 1, presents the prefect opportunity to 'change our strips', and cut tides with 'ability' or 'disability' tags.

To quote one of our ArtISability tutors,

" Once my artwork is hanging on a gallery wall. my disability becomes invisible."

Judith Baker (2014)
Ipswich Poet, Author and Artists

Labels only service to undermine this extremely powerful statement by Judy. Our work at ArtISability has nothing to do with abilities or disabilities. Our work is to work together in the mainstream to build inclusion.

Our new look network system is run for the arts community and our rates will be consistent across the board.  I want to send a clear message to the public - we are artist working together.

Primarily this will not involve workshops, we will act as an agency who supports assists to find the resources the need.  This individual approach is consistent with the mainstream art world and the changing land scrape under the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

We're reaching for the stars

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