Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Who are we?


A Visual Arts Professional Development Program
For people living with disability and mental illness. 

Art Exhibition by artists living with disability 
including mental illness.
Hosted by Ipswich Arttime Supplies 

We support visual artist to establish their individual art practices in the community in which they live.  Our program is designed for emerging artists and our artists are encourage to take out memberships with other organisation who can support them in their individual journries.

Such as the Ipswich Art Society, Arts Connect, Access Arts and Arts Access Australia.  In 2014 we have partnered with the Ipswich City Council, Arts Queensland, Access Arts, ALARA Queensland, Arts Access Australia, Disability Community Awareness, Ipswich Art Time Supplies, Toowoomba Advocacy Community Services, Regional Arts Development Fund, Australian Services & Distribution to present our programs.

We offer two main programs:-

  • Foundation Stones Program
  • Stepping Stones Program

Foundation Stones Program

Is our introductory entry point program. It is open to:-

  • Those artists with any type of disability, medical condition or metal illness. ( A medical diagnoses is not needed to join our program.)
  • Those who are disadvantage in the establishment of their art practice due to disability.
  • Those needing support to develop there art practice.
  • Those over the age of 18
  • Artists who can demonstrate a strong understanding is visual arts with clearly stated artistic goals for the future.
Nick has been selling his art in a variety of settings since 
joining us at ArtISability and most recently entered
work in our ArtISability Unmasked Exhibition.

We support Nick in his ongoing development as
an visual artists as he struggles with several
communication disorders. However Nicks
artistic ability speaks for itself.

Foundation Stones Program focuses on skills development in a supportive non judgmental learning environment.  Through the employment of professionally recognized artists who can provide mentorship to our artists.

Skills Development in 2015 will include:

  1. Artistic Skills Development
  2. Skills needed to present as a professional artists.
  3. Professional Develop skills
  4. Skill needed to develop a supportive artist network
  5. Personal Development skill to increase the artist confidence. 
As you can see our foundation stones program is designed to prepare artists for entry into their local arts community and not recommended for beginners.

Our Stepping Stones Program is design to support our artists to access the visual artists community. To date we have:-

  • Assisted with transport
  • Supported ongoing artistic skills development
  • Supported artists to visit art galleries
  • Supported artists to enter art competions
  • Supported artists in learning to nuy their own art supplies including budgeting.
  • Supported collaborative art exhibitions and sale of artwork.
  • Provided advcacy as needed 
  • Provided on going mentoring. 
We are always open to providing the type of support artist needed.  So always asked.  However we are not going to do your work for you. 

ArtISability Unmasked 2015
Provided 4 Artistic skills development workshops
for people living with disabilites and mental illness
Allowing them to better understand,
 "what ArtISability can offer".

Other Programs

From time to time we provide other programs that allow people will disabilities to experience what ArtISability is! Such as ArtISability Unmasked. 

We are keen to extend our advocacy roll in 2015 which includes providing Disability Awareness Training to the arts community.

If you are interested in applying or referring someone to artISability in 2015 contact us using the tool bar on the right.  


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Access Fundraiser

Our 2015 Unmasking ArtISability Calender

Cost $ 25

We be launch on 28th November 2015

At Blair Disability Links

Produced in partnership with



Disability Community Awareness.

Together we're working towards 

better community access for 

People with Disabilities.

Proceeds from sales go towards

a fund to assist artists to 

access the Ipswich Art Community. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

ArtISability Road Trip

Yes! Our tutors art
packing their art supplies
and heading to Toowoomba!

On Wednesday 3rd December

International Day for
People with Disabilities. 

We're just working out
the details of which workshops
we're haling up the range. 

Details should be out next week! 

Working towards better access


Together with

Disability Community Awareness

Presents our 2015

Fundraising calender

to be launched on

November 28th 2014

By Shanye Newmann MP

@ Blair Disability Links 

International Day for 

People with Disabilities

Brassell Shopping Village 

Costs $25

Money raised will enable artists
to access the arts community in Ipswich.

Disability Community Awareness enables people
to access the community.

Pre-orders are welcome

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Building Connections

ArtISability seeks to work in
partnerships with others in
the community. 
However we are increasingly 
becoming a global community.

So it is with great pleasure
we welcome our first 
international partners.


Who you are?

We Connect Now is an organization of people interested in issues
affecting people with disabilities,
 with particular emphasis on
college students and 
access to higher education 
and employment issues.

 Who you connect?

We connect with all people and
 organizations whose mission is to
improve the lives and
 opportunities of people with disabilities. 
For example 
college student groups, 
 professional associations
and other non profits.

How to connect to you?

You can connect to us 
by contacting us by email
 or facebook message
about a particular situation or theme, 
by submitting a blog to our website,
by posting in our facebook wall, 
by participating with us in
particular activities on college campus
 such as the

 "Dialogue on the Portrayal of People with Disabilities in the Media".
What resources are on you site?

Among the resources listed on our website
 you can find job listing sites, 
statutory citations to important legislation,
 links to other sites that also serve 
students with disabilities such as college
websites and support groups' websites.

 Why they should follow you facebook?

They should follow us on facebook 
because we provide up to date news
of interest to people with disabilities.
 We also post information that
is useful at any time
 for people with disabilities
 living independently,
 such as home adaptations,
 adaptive sports and vehicles,
and in general information. 

So click their Website

To start making connections!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

We are people like you!

29th November 2014

9:30 am to 11 am

You are invited 

to come see, listen and view

Why we think we are people like you!

Hosted at the 
Barry-Jones Auditorium
South Street, Ipswich CBD

Disability what does it really mean?

Living with disability means a person has an impairment in one of the following areas:- physical, intellectual, cognitive, sensory, emotional, developmental or a combination of any of these. 

Sometimes myths are repeated so often the become part of our everyday thinking and our perceptions tells us these myths are truths.

What beliefs about disability do you have that may not be based on fact?

Debbie Chilton (BA)
Author of 'What's The Difference'
Founder of ArtISability
President of Community Transitional
Services in Ipswich,
2013 Graduate from 
Leaders For Tomorrow Program
46 years experience on
Living with a disability . . .

Hosts "We are people like you!"

  Guest appearances

Gay Ffrench Perthrick
Nick Darby 

RSVP (07) 3281 3218

Our 2015 teaching guidelines are out

Are you interested in teaching


We have produced teaching guidelines for 2015, to ensure our programs focus on our artists development of skills. Where possible we aim to provide the type of learning environment our artists need.

Our program is aimed at artists who are already  producing some type of artwork and want to develop some sort of arts practice. See 2015 Guidelines and call Debbie on (07) 3281 3218 if you are interested in teaching our workshops.