Friday, September 26, 2014

Our Artists Taking Steps

This week most of our artists
stepped up to the plate and
had their artwork exhibited 
in our ArtISability Unmasked
Art Exhibition.

Our artists are now working
towards the launch of our
2015 ArtISability Calender 
on 28th November 2015

The Calender will be 
launched by Shyanne Newmann MP

At the Blair Disability Links Expo
Brassell Shopping Village 
10 am to 2 pm 

Calenders will be
on sale for $25.00

and make an ideal 
present this Christmas.

All funds raised will be
used to provide transport 
for our artists in our
Stepping Stones Program

This will enable them to
attend classes and workshops 
held in the local community.

If you like to know more
about how you can partner
with ArtISability in 2015.

Please give Debbie a call on
(07) 3281 3218 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Disability Action Week 2014

Presented by the

Ipswich City Council


Arts Access Australia

Through the Ipswich City Council; Arts Access Australia and Department of Communities we were able to host a number of activities to celebrate Disability Action Week 2014.

Our Celebrations are
represented in our
ArtISability Unmasked
Art Exhibition
Art Time
203 Brisbane Street
Ipswich CBD
Starting on Monday

Saturday, September 13, 2014

"People Like Us!"

December 3rd

International Day for

People With Disabilities

We are people like us.

Spinning on wheels,
Searching for deals.
We like a night out,
Watching the football.
Sometimes the TV calls.
We are people like us.

We’re mothers and fathers,
Your sons and daughters.
The sisters who become best friends.
We’re your uncles, your aunts,
Even your grandmothers.
We are people like us.

We’re the poets and artists,
Craftsmen and cabinet makers.
The apprentice chefs,
Your IT specialists.
Even the law makers.
We are people like us.

We tap on our keys,
Surfing the net.
Use voice activation
On our modified boards.
Even read books in Braille.
We are people like us.

We laugh and cry
Through life’s highs and lows.
We celebrate birth,
And watch those we love die.
We journey with the joy and the sorrow.
We are people like us.

We play soccer and footy,
Take on the basketball courts.
We wheel through marathons,
And race the 100 metres too.
Even become elite athletes.
We are people like us.

We sing and we dance,
And watch our children play.
We cook cakes for the school fete,
As we tuck our kids in at night.
We pray that they’ll be alright.
We are people like us.

We attend schools and TAFE,
Some of us study for life.
We ride trains to arrive at work,
We pay our bills, even the rent,
Often spending too much on food.
We are people like us.

But too many of us live in homes,
Where others residents are about eighty. 
We take our pain killers and medicine,
Watch TV instead of going out dating.
Craving real coffee from Coffee Club.
We are people like us.

Some of us choose to be trapped,
Others fight the boxes that box us in.
Houses and housemates we may not like,
Doing the same thing despite true passions.
Not living, rather, just existing.
We are people like us.

We are people like us.
Brothers and sisters,
Journeying through life.
Laughing with you,
Carrying your sorrow too.
We are people just like you.

You make us different,
Stand us apart.
Create little boxes to fit us in.
Insist on hiding us away.
Pretend we don’t belong, when
We are people just like you.

Debbie Chilton © Copyright 2014

What does it mean . . .
to be
"People Like Us?"

To Celebrate International
Day For People With Disability

ArtISability is providing


Disability Awareness Training

Presented by our own

Debbie Chilton (BA)

Debbie is an Artist, Author and Local Poet
and founder of ArtISability.

Who should attend this training

People who support people with disabilities
Friends and colleagues of people with disabilities
People wishing to engage the services of people with disabilities
People who want to understand the artwork 
of people with disabilities
People working in the arts industry

Training Session on
Saturday 29th September 2014
9:30 to 11 am
Barry Jones Auditorium
Ipswich City Library
South Street, Ipswich

RSVP (07) 3281 3218

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Masks are coming off . . .

ArtISability in partnership


Ipswich City Council 


Arts Access Australia

Presents . . . 

September 22nd to 27th 

ArtISability Unmasked Art Exhibition

@ Ipswich ArtTime Supplies
Art Gallery

203 Brisbane Street, 


The presentation of our artist masks

looks set to be an exhibition

within our exhibition.

Please come along and see the talent

we have unearthed!

Phone (07) 3281 3218 

for more information.

The art of painting ceramics

Ceramic Painting Techniques

Friday 19th September

10 am to Noon

Ipswich Art Time Supplies

Spaces are filling fast . . . 

During the 2 hour workshop participants
will be able to select three pieces 
of bisque ware to paint using
different techniques demonstrated 
through the workshop.

Taking this 

To look like this . . .

Phone Debbie on (07) 3281 3218
For more information

Work will be professionally finished 
with glazing and firing in the kiln.  

Friday, September 5, 2014

Making Connections

The philosophy of ArtISability is
to connect artists living with 
Disabilities and Mental Illness 
to their local arts community.

We are pleased to announce
the formation of 
an International Partnership with

We connect now has been linking
college students with disabilities
to their communities and employment 
for the last 9 years. 

We welcome the opportunity to 
access their resources to 
build connections and work
opportunities for our artists
here in the Ipswich region 
and beyond.

You can stay up to date
with the latest opportunities to
make community connections 

To begin Connecting

Click on the We Connect Website 

icon on the right tool bar.

Special Annoucement

With the assistance of
Department of Communities

We are able to celebrate

Disability Action Week
14 to 20 th September

by offering an additional

Tote Bag Workshop

on Tuesday 16th 

With Nancy Brown

Phone 3281 3218

for more information

We have more information
on the process on Altered Art 
in the next couple of days.