Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Would you like to work with us?

Tutors needed to run art workshops
We are currently writing a number of grant submissions to enable us to run programs in 2015. The three program proposals are:
1.    ArtISability Unmasked – Disability Awareness dates as booked. Artists would go on a database to be offered work during 2015. Workshop are 2 hours in duration.
2.    ArtISability Foundation Program – A pilot was run in March 2014. (See  website) In this program artists build on their existing artistic skills and enhance professional development opportunities. Tutors can expect students to have a sound knowledge of skills.   (Proposed to run of Fridays from July, length of workshop time vary.)
3.    ArtISability Stepping Stones Professional Development Workshops and Mentor program. These artists completed our 2014 workshops. Samples of their work are on our website. (Proposed to run 3hrs on Fridays, from July)
If you are interest in tutoring for the ArtISability Unmasked Program, then email your pitch and include quote. Quote must include, fees, travel allowances and itemised art supplies quote.  
For our regular programs:
·       Current CV
·       3 Imagines of your work or lesson plans
·       2 references (unless you’ve worked with us before)
·       Areas of preferred teaching or mentoring.
Areas of interest are:
·       Drawing
·       Expressive Drawing
·       Graphic Arts
·       Traditional Painting Techniques
·       Abstract Processes
·       Photography
·       Finishing touches
·       Project Planning
·       Framing
·       Planning an art exhibitions
These are one-off stand alone workshops or level 1 and 2. Candidates are requested to submit a lesson plan and list of art supplies per person, please include brands.  Art supply available from communal store room on the day of your workshop. If you require canvases please state dimensions.    
Quotes must include Fee for service, preparation time, equipment hire and travel. Email for a proposed timetable, teaching guidelines are on the website
Successful candidates notified by March 30 and May 31.

Submission Close February 20th